Reset The Clock

Replace Liability With Credibility

Practical Employee Relations Programs

Leaders are provided with scripts and tactics for handeling employee relations issues with sensitivity, good judement, and high confidence. 

Staying out of court is a by-product of  well-developed employee relations skills.

What We Offer

“Reset The Clock” Is a unique process built into our programs that prevent an attorney from taking something leaders did wrong in the past and using it in future legal challenges.

  •  Both employer and personal liability clocks are reset.
  • Employee handbooks are updated or written to reflect good judgement. 
  • Ongoing post-program advice and council is available. 

The most repeated feedback received is that leaders wished the program had been brought in-house much sooner. 

Good Faith Effort

“Good intentions” wont keep an employer out of court; a “good faith effort will. This includes effective policies, practical training, and active enforcement. MMG updates the policies, conducts the training, inspires leaders to act with confidence.

Cost Effectiveness

Staying out of legal trouble is much less costly than getting out. One MMG client achieved a reduction in legal fees of over 75%. Your investment in this powerful program is minimal when compared to the cost of a single lawsuit.